The TURTLE-5k robot is based on the TURTLE robot used by team Tech United Eindhoven in the RoboCup Mid Sized League (MSL) which became World Champion in 2012. The MSL is a RoboCup league for autonomous soccer playing robots. The TURTLE-5k has the same performance as the 2012 MSL World Champion but is fully redesigned on costs to develop a platform which can be available for everybody. This new platform recapitulates hardware knowledge gained over the past fifteen years of RoboCup MSL's existence as much as possible.


Now it's possible to make this robot for around €5,000,- a piece. Originally these robots had cost price of  €25,000,-. This huge cost reduction is achieved in 2014 by a consortium with ACEFrenckenVEDS and Tech United Eindhoven. These companies have a lot of experience within the high-tech industry and were able to reduce the cost price with 80% for each robot.

Since September 2015 two technical universities (Hogescholen) Avans Breda Fontys Eindhoven joined the consortium to further develop the software. Bachelor students from these universities will be support by ICT Automatisering


You will find more background information about the TURTLE-5k on this website. To download all the technical information you can visit the TURTLE-5k website on robotic open platformFor those who are interested in buying a robot or to work on the robot as student, please contact the project leader Frank Steeghs:


+31 (0) 6 2424 00 91

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